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Identifying Ageless Design Trends

Identifying Ageless Design Trends

It’s a bad feeling when you realize a year after paying thousands of dollars to renovate your home that you no longer like the look. It’s easy to buy things for the sake of just filling space, but you’ll value a timeless space more than one filled with dated trends. When redoing your space, there are a couple ways in which you can be sure you won’t have to repeat it for a while. 

Picking Timeless Accessories

Style is about taste, not money. Curating a timeless home isn’t about investing in a ton of antiques and fancy furniture–it’s about picking staple pieces that will be able to blend into the home and work with different trends you might experiment with. For instance, rather than purchasing a modern-looking dresser, opt for a solid wood one and change out the knobs when it needs a refresh. Understated does not equal boring. Go with neutral colors then play up the textures–vanilla walls can still be interesting with molding. A plain leather couch can be dressed up by a woven throw blanket. When picking ageless fibers, always go 100% natural–synthetics don’t have staying power.

Choose Functional Objects

Style is born out of function. If you use an object every day and it works really really well you’re going to fall in love with it and want to keep it around forever. Brands that focus on function first will have a sleek sort of understated style that blends in with any kind of decor. A great example of this is Samsung’s frame TV–It’s a TV that functions as an elegant digital picture frame when not in use. It’s a great way to hide unsightly technology while also giving yourself the power to change the art on the walls with your mood. 

Samsung’s Frame TV

Go with simplicity. Make your rooms symmetrical (put your bed in the center of the wall). It’s best to start with the basics, then use older references to refine your taste. Mimicking French style is a great way to get the bones of your decor, then flip through design trends that have longevity to start really customizing your space. Antique furniture becomes timeless when mixed with modern elegance. 

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Simply put, don’t follow trends. Go with your gut, and purchase things because they make you happy rather than purchasing them just to fill space.

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