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Refreshing Ways to Display Art

Refreshing Ways to Display Art

Art for the home doesn’t just have to be canvases on the walls or sculptural pieces. We’ve put together some unique ideas for breaking the norms when it comes to decorating.

  1. Use your rug as a wall hanging. If you need a piece to cover a large space or you just want to preserve the rug, try hanging it. It becomes a sort of tapestry that is really interesting and attention-grabbing.

2. …or have your rug work both on the ground and the wall. Partially lay it on the floor and mount the other half on the wall. It creates an interesting vignette. These are gallery examples, but it could be easily replicated in the home with any rug.

Fine jewelry should be displayed rather than put away. It allows you to get more use out of it and makes it double as a sculptural art piece. Earring holders like below make tiny sculptures that can populate a bedside table or ledge.

What defines a book? Have an artist make you a cut paper creation out of a vintage book to use as a wall hanging or tabletop piece.

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5. Display a treasured collection or heirloom in a shadow box.

6. Put your favorite clothes on display. You don’t need to hide everything in your closet–if you have a few particular beautiful pieces, stage them on a dress form or on an exposed rack.

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