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7 Timeless Home Furnishing Options

7 Timeless Home Furnishing Options

Certain things just never go out of style. Even if a house was built 100 years ago, some classic elements will make it remain appealing. Alexander McQueen stated that his design philosophy was to “make a piece that can transcend any trend and will still hold as much presence in 100 years’ time when you find it in an antique store as when you bought it in my store yesterday”. Let’s look at some timeless things you should invest in when remodeling your home. 

A clawfoot tub. Bathrooms and kitchens age the worst out of all the rooms in a home. A bad tub will reveal what decade you built your space in. If you don’t want to be remodeling every few years, invest in a quality and classic tub. You can even refinish a vintage tub–they last that long.

Neutral walls. Don’t follow color trends–go with a color that you’ll enjoy to look at every day. A bright orange accent wall might seem nice for a few months, but you’ll soon be itching to change it. Repainting is an easy fix so don’t be afraid to try fun colors, but if you find yourself needing a breath of fresh air, there’s nothing wrong with putting on a layer of warm white to make your space relaxing and timeless. If you want more color, experiment with that in your textile selection.

Lark & Linen

Minimalism. Maximalism is having a moment–we’re seeing a trend where books and knick-knacks are scattered everywhere to create an “eclectic” look, but it can end up looking tacky. Don’t strive to populate your shelves just because. Only buy items because you really love them, not just to fill space. Make use of interesting storage selections to keep things out of sight and out of mind so you aren’t caught up in the clutter. 


The French look. The French are masters of being effortlessly chic and timeless. All you need to have a forever french home is white walls, molding, hardwood floors, a mantle, and an oversized mirror propped up on that mantle. 

Apartments and Developments

A chandelier. Luxe lighting never goes out of style. Choosing a classic looking light fixture will make it hard to distinguish when you curated the room. 

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Built-in shelving. There’s no need to change out bookcases and tables if you have shelves built into your wall. This underrated design trick ups the resell value of your home while also allowing your space to grow with your taste changes.

Your big items should be classic. Your couch? Choose a tasteful, simple, leather one. You can experiment with accent chairs–the trendy mid century modern look will go out of style and you’ll be cursing yourself for spending so much on an uncomfortable couch that’s main purpose was to look good in photos. Pick something quality and comfortable. Antiques are always a good way to go. 

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