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5 Ways to Create Distinct Spaces in a Smaller Home

5 Ways to Create Distinct Spaces in a Smaller Home

Many of us are feeling crammed in our apartments with family and partners while we adjust to remote working, and now that it seems like it’s here to stay, we’re feeling a bit panicked. How do you separate working from sleeping, eating, and play? In a small space, it’s easy to feel fatigued if you’re working where you’re normally relaxing. Here are some ways to carve out distinct spaces for different activities while also saving space.

Have a table you can pull out for work and put away when it’s time to relax. Everyone needs a real desk, but being able to put it away gives you more space for working out or relaxing.  

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Make use of a literal room divider to create new spaces. Sometimes all you need to focus is to have the rest of your house out of sight, out of mind. If you live in a studio, try putting your bed behind the divider. If you need a little area for yoga, set up a mat and some candles behind it.

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Try a wall-mounted workout center rather than having a weights system in your home. You can get a smart workout mirror or a wall-mounted barre system that pulls out when you’re ready to use them.

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Carve out a small reading nook by converting a closet.

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Finally, try a lofted bed for adults. This will save you a ton of space, and there are many decorative options that feel more like a second floor than a bunk bed.
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