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Creating a Smart Home System that Actually Makes Life Easier

Creating a Smart Home System that Actually Makes Life Easier

With all the new smart home technology, it sometimes feels like it’s complicating our lives rather than making them more simple. There’s a  way to create a hub that controls your entire house from your phone, but really, you only need a few simple products to improve your quality of life and free up extra time.

Automatic cleaning systems are a must-have. The Roomba has been around for a while, but the design has been radically improved to the point where you’ll never have to sweep again. Simply run this guy while you’re at work and you’ll never notice a build-up of dirt. 

Automatic vacuum cleaner controlled via smartphone

Home security cameras are worth it. Even if you feel safe where you are, the $99 dollars it costs to put one of these in is worth it for the extra insurance. Plus, they can be controlled from your phone, so you can use them to peek on your pets when on vacation or out late. A video doorbell can help secure your packages and make you feel safer if you live alone. 

Everyone needs a carbon monoxide detector and fire alarm, but splurging for a slightly more expensive one can give you peace of mind. Smart alarms not only sound loudly, they give everyone in the house a notification to the phone and alert emergency services immediately. You can feel secure knowing your pets will be taken care of even when you aren’t there.

If you’re into gardening, a smart irrigation system is a must. You can precisely control the amount of water your plants are getting, and at what time. You can even control the temperature! All of this can be scheduled, so you can leave your plants alone until you want to go pick veggies for dinner. 

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Smart lights are great for setting a mood. You can now purchase bulbs that will shift colors to whatever you desire. You control them through a color wheel app on your phone. These bulbs can even be connected to Alexa so when a timer or alarm goes off, they flash to make sure you realize it. 

Ambient lighting from Loxone

Finally, invest in a smart lock. This will allow you to give others access to your home without them having a key, and can let you in via fingerprint when you forget yours. They’re also incredibly hard to break–no lock picking here. Smart devices are here to make your life easier–try not to get hung up on making everything perfect. As you slowly integrate and allow for automation you’ll gain an understanding about what works for your home and what doesn’t. Enjoy your smart home and your extra free time.

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