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Turning your Garage into an Amazing Space

Turning your Garage into an Amazing Space

So many homeowners can’t even get their cars into the garage because of how they tend to be used just for storage. You deserve a less cluttered space. The garage can act as an entirely other room and many are underutilizing it. Before you throw all of your stuff away, look at these less drastic ways to create space for a bonus room

First, a little bit of paint can radically improve the feeling of your garage. The dirty concrete floor is doing nothing for appeal–a light gray paint can brighten up the look while still hiding dirty spots. If you want to use your garage for a workout area, putting down some foam flooring will make it way more usable. All of this can be done in just a few hours.

Vertical storage is going to be your best friend. The bulk of your clutter is probably coming from laying sports equipment and storage on the ground. Putting in shelving then organizing things with totes and labels frees up your entire floor. This gives you room to put in a workbench and tools and still have plenty of space left over. 

Go the extra mile with a lofted space in your garage.

If you want to improve the value of your home, putting in a new garage door is an easy way to make a large improvement. A wood door polishes up the front of your house very nicely, but there are tons of different options to choose from. In addition to painting your floors, you can add laminate flooring to use it as a bonus room. Use moisture blocking paint to avoid humidity and mold–if you avoid your garage due to bad weather, add in a small heating and cooling system that will make it feel just like the rest of your house. 

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If you want the space to be convertible into multiple different rooms, consider using fold-down tables. This allows you to have a workbench or drafting table if needed, but it can also be swung up to use the space as a workout center or playroom. Add metal lockers to store each family member’s individual things so they are out of sight and out of mind. Slatted boards are both attractive and storage-friendly–you can use the slats to slide in a table or install shelves. 

Decoist fold down table

Overall, if you want to enjoy your garage space its best to stop using it as extra storage. Half of the things you have in there you can probably get rid of, and the rest can be stored on your newly installed shelves. DO yourself a favor and part with some items in order to enjoy the extra square footage. Make it into your dream gym, office, or entertaining space. Furnish with rugs and seating just as you would in your living room, and pretty soon it’ll feel like a brand new place. Finally, invest in a smart lock. This will allow you to give others access to your home without them having a key, and can let you in via fingerprint when you forget yours. They’re also incredibly hard to break–no lock picking here. 2020 is the year of increasing automation–let’s learn how to work with it to improve our lives.

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