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Decorating with Sculptures

Decorating with Sculptures

Every room needs a statement piece to really have a wow factor. Canvas on the walls can only go so far–art cannot be defined as a single thing. There are so many ways to create a distinctive look using 3 dimensionality and multiple senses. Here are some ways to incorporate all kinds of art–including sculptures–into your rooms.

Furniture is sometimes also a sculpture. Want something functional as well as beautiful so you can save space? With the use of 3D printing, industrial designers have been able to create pieces that can stand alone as a work of art while also having a functional use. A fantastic lamp base can be a sculpture.

Pay attention to the feeling you’re giving off with your sculptures. A modern one can make you feel like you’re living in a museum, but a classical greek sculpture can feel cozy and romantic.

Scent can be an art. Adding an aromatherapy HVAC system to your ventilation is actually relatively accessible and is a trick used by hotels to make the entire place smell good. If you have a beautiful floral piece of art in a room and then you walk in and smell roses, it makes for a really engaging experience. 

Have an artist make you a custom sculpture. Putting art on your walls means you think that piece is important–putting a sculpture in your space means you really want people to look at it, so it better be something you really enjoy. If you can’t find a sculpture that speaks to you but you really need something to cut empty space, splurge for a custom-made bust that will be incredibly valuable to you because it has some of your own artistic vision in it. 

If your room is busy, keep the sculpture neutral. If the room is neutral, make the sculpture bright. A 3D work is already going to compete for attention with everything else, so be mindful of what you’re pairing it with. 

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Consider the lighting. Museums will often put a spotlight on stand-alone pieces. What happens to your room when the sun goes down? Try a unique colored light to create an entirely different ambiance around your sculpture when night falls. 

You can purchase sculptures from estate sales, Etsy, and graduate shows. Hitting up your local art school is a great way to get access to accessible pieces before the price dramatically increases.

Brutalist Sculpture: Etsy
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