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How to Discover Artists You Like

How to Discover Artists You Like

You want to collect art, but you don’t even know what you don’t know. With so many different types out there it can be hard to sort through it all. Here are some ways to explore artists and find unique pieces that you’ll fall in love with.

Look for local artists when you travel. Websites like Artsy allow you to filter based on location. Actually engaging with an artist and finding out first-hand what their work is about will give you a new appreciation for it–you might even realize you like pieces you thought you didn’t. Local art often reflects qualities of the area, so it’s a good way to remember your travels. UPS provides special boxes for shipping art, so there’s no reason to worry about trying to carry it on a plane.

Seattle Art Fair

Join gallery tours in larger cities. For a small fee, many organizations offer gallery tours led by a professional. Having an art historian take you around to famous museums while explaining the history of art is priceless. If you like a particular style of painting, they can easily tell you what keywords and genres to search so you can find more like it. 

Attend Collectors Club meetings. Larger cities will most definitely have groups that get together to talk about art. Try using MeetUp to find one in your area. You’ll meet new people and get invaluable information for experienced collectors. They can even tip you off to emerging artists so that you can purchase their works before prices soar. 

Attend university shows and art fairs. This is another option for finding work before its price dramatically increases. These students are getting quality education, but as their names are not yet known, you can still purchase their work for a reasonable price. Their work is often also quite experimental, so it can be a refreshing change of pace after looking at hundreds of ornate oil paintings in museums.

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Educate yourself on the genres of art. We have a great article here breaking down art history basics. Knowing these styles will help you find works inspired by them. For example, if you like romantic works, you can search “neo-romanticism” and find modern works that have the same feeling as the classics.

Neo Surrealism, Sean Landers

Overall, it just takes some time to get to know yourself. Instagram is a great tool for discovering new things–reflecting on your tastes will allow you to build up a great collection over time. If you don’t want to commit to a large purchase while you’re still experimenting, purchase a framed print instead. Happy hunting. 

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