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The Biggest Design Takeaways From HGTV

The Biggest Design Takeaways From HGTV

For many of us, watching home renovation television is a nice way to relax. HGTV shows have inspired a new generation of flippers and interior designers. Many people are planning home changes after their quarantine experience, but not all of us have the time to comb through all these episodes for the best tips. I do, however, so I’ve compiled a list that narrows down your best improvements for the biggest impact.

First, add some moulding or shiplap. If you want to go with neutral walls that still look pulled together, opt for the french style: bare white with ornate dimensionality. It’s easy to add a bit of moulding and paint over it, and it’ll completely change a room. 

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Get an oversized mirror. Whether you’re leaning it on the mantle or it takes up a whole wall, a big mirror gives the illusion of having much more space than you actually do. Because they reflect light, they will also brighten a room.


Open shelving will keep you organized and make you get rid of clutter. It might sound stressful to have everything on display, but it’ll force you to put everything in its correct place. This is an HGTV favorite. For your kitchen, buy clear jars and apply custom labels and it will give you an insanely pulled together look. A clutter free home is a clutter free mind. Plus, not having cabinets and instead going for shelving really opens up a room and gives you a chance to show off your beautiful dishware.


Comfort over style. Don’t purchase furniture just because it looks good–your home isn’t a staging area and you want to make sure you actually enjoy sitting on the chairs you bought. There’s no reason to have a dining room filled with stiff seating.

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Lighting completely changes a space. This should be one of the first things you’re thinking about when you start remodeling. Does your kitchen get kind of dreary when the sun starts going down in the afternoon? Opt for some ambient lighting to brighten it up in a way that isn’t so harsh.

Lastly, always opt for timeless choices. You want your space to grow with you rather than needing to completely update it every few years. 

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