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Picking the Best Luxury Sheets for You

Picking the Best Luxury Sheets for You

There’s nothing quite like crawling into cold, crisp sheets after a long day. You should never cheap out on anything that has to do with your sleep–after all, you spend a third of your life in bed. Luckily, in the past few years plenty of companies have sprung up that offer a wide range of sheets with materials you’ve never even heard of, but will fall in love with. Here we’ll review the different fabrics, how they feel, and the pros and cons to each. 


First up is a fabric that is getting a lot of attention lately: linen. This is the ultimate summer fabric as it is lightweight but structured and elegant. Linen feels very crisp when it is first woven, but each time you wash it, it gets softer and softer without losing durability. Eventually, it feels like laying on a cloud. It can feel pretty similar to cotton, but linen has a distinct look that plain cotton can’t match up to. Because the fibers are large and slightly vary in color, linen is very textured and has depth that cotton lacks. It’s a favorite among many for its effortless style. “Linen feels like woven wind”.


If you are going to get cotton, go with a blend that will make it softer. Cotton can give you the same feel as linen for a fraction of the price, but it can sometimes be scratchy depending on how it is treated. A bamboo and cotton blend feels buttery soft and smooth. 

Martha Stewart Egyptian Cotton


If you want to splurge on something for yourself, a set of silk charmeuse sheets will be the best decision you ever make. Silk is of course very soft, but charmeuse in particular becomes softer and softer with each wash. Unlike linen, you don’t have to wait to break the fibers in as they are soft when they arrive. Simply put, charmeuse feels like you’re enveloped in a very rich lotion in the best way possible. It’s also very breathable, so you stay warm but won’t get hot.

Lucia LaFerme


It’s a good idea to have a set of flannel sheets for the cold months. Flannel material is a great insulator because it is make up of agitated wool fibers rather than being a looser weave like linen or cotton. It is still incredibly soft, and feels like hugging a cat or putting on your favorite pajamas. 

Levitz Mattress Company


Bamboo sheets are for people who want an option as soft as silk but without the price tag. They are incredibly cozy and moisture-wicking for those who get hot while sleeping. They are also antibacterial and a much better option in terms of sustainability compared to all other options. 

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Lastly, lyocell is an affordable option that offers the benefit of being both cooling and hygienic. It can be compared to the feeling of cotton but isn’t as breathable so it will keep you warm. If you like to have many sets of sheets, you can definitely pick up a few of these. 

Lyocell Denim: Joann’s

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