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What We Can Learn from French Home Decor

What We Can Learn from French Home Decor

Parisian style isn’t minimalistic, but more focused on quality over quantity. Parisian women prefer to dress in staple, well-made clothing rather than constantly chasing trends. This sentiment is reflected in their homes as well– their spaces feature quirky vintage pieces, well-loved family heirlooms, and quality textiles. It’s a mix of old and new, traditional design offset by modern. 

Boca Do Labo

To curate an eclectic style, thrift for vintage furniture finds and antiques to mix with modern chairs and tables. Add in some books and art to further show off your interests and collections. 

Zio Andsons

Keep your walls white, but add in intricate moulding to drive interest and elegance while keeping the space breathable. Most French apartments also feature a marble mantle–these can often be found at estate sales or from online artisans.

The Chriselle Factor

Paris is famous for its flea markets. Rather than purchasing generic art and knick-knacks to decorate your space simply to fill it quickly, slow it down. It’s okay to have an unfinished room. You’ll enjoy the end product much more if you only purchase items you love and can’t get anywhere else. Start a collection of something you really enjoy, such as pressed flowers from around the world or stamps on letters from people you love.

GABUR butterfly collection

Textiles are the soul of the home. Invest in a large quality rug for bare floors. Purchase crisp linen sheets, quality towels, and throws for all of the furniture. 

Trove Warehouse

Hang a reasonable chandelier in your living space. Choose a vintage one on a consignment site to save money and add charm.

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Lastly: Don’t take it too seriously. French design is about being yourself, and being relaxed. 

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