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Bringing Solar Power to your Home

Bringing Solar Power to your Home

The cost of going solar decreases every day thanks to advancements in technology and government offered programs. As long as your roof isn’t covered by trees, solar power is a viable option to save you money and help the planet. Even if solar isn’t an individual option for you, you can choose to put money into community solar projects that will in turn give you access to the energy. 

Getting a Quote

To get a quote and ensure your home has the necessary qualifications for solar power, you can use a number of mapping services such as EnergySage, Geocellar, or Mapdwell. Right now, the best way to go solar is to hire a trained professional to install the panels on your roof, but technology is being developed to give interested residents a “plug and play” kit that allows them to self-adhere panels to any surface to try out solar power.

Gary Wilbert Roofing

 The tool PVWatts can tell you how much solar power you and others are generating. The best part about solar power is that you will be compensated for any power generated that you don’t use because it can be sent back to the city’s power grid. If your family doesn’t use a ton of power, you can save a copious amount of cash by transitioning. Each year, the price of going solar becomes even more cost-competitive.

Lease vs. Buy

You can either lease or buy your solar energy system. In 2020, the average solar system needed to power your entire house is about $17,000. If you own your solar system, you are entitled to tax benefits and cash for unused power. Many states are now offering no initial cost solar systems–some states even pay you to install them!

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If you don’t want to rely on solar right away, you can buy small products to integrate into your lifestyle. Solar phone chargers are inexpensive and can be used with ease. An LED bug zapper and lamp can be charged during the day, then powered at night while you’re enjoying a bug-free oasis. There are plenty of individually solar-powered lamps for your garden and yard. There are now solar powered security cameras as well–there’s no need to worry about your camera ceasing to work on a cloudy day. Advancements in technology allow solar systems to hold power for multiple days. Even bike locks, headphones, and heated jackets can be solar-powered. Slowly, the sun is replacing electricity everywhere.

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