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What You Need to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

What You Need to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making a quality cup of coffee at home can save you around $1,300 per year. If you put that into the stock market each year starting at 25 until you’re 60, you can make a quarter of a million dollars. That’s a huge amount that you can gift yourself simply by putting away $4 a day. Here we teach you what starting items you can invest in to give yourself a perfect at-home cup that doesn’t compromise on quality. 


The first thing you should buy is a coffee grinder. Depending on the aesthetic you want, you can purchase this for anywhere between $20-$100 dollars. Freshly ground beans every day will be fresh and make a large difference in taste. This also means you should buy fresh, whole bean coffee. If you know the general acidity and undertones you prefer, you can join a coffee of the month club that delivers directly to you and allows you to try new things. 

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Always store your coffee in an airtight container to keep it fresh. Never put it in the fridge, as coffee absorbs aromas and will take on the flavors of the foods it’s next to. Ground coffee goes stale after 15 minutes, so keep the beans whole. You can use a scale to measure out exactly how much you need to grind, but a measuring cup works just as well.

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Coffee Alternatives

Cacao is a different option if you would like energy without the typical caffeine buzz. To make it, you chop up a block of cacao and boil it into a pot of water until you have a thick, warm drink. 


Move away from the automatic drip coffee. You’re wasting a lot and diluting the flavor by making such a large batch. Opt instead for a french press or pour-over. If you’re more of an espresso person, you can invest in a machine that will make it perfect every time, but these can be pricey. You can expect to drop at least $500 on one, but $1000 is more likely. The positive is choosing a quality espresso machine can last you a lifetime–however, if you’re making coffee at home primarily to save money, going with a french press and grinder is your better option.

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Your water temperature will affect how your brew tastes. The temperature affects the extraction. If the brew tastes too bitter, use a cooler temperature. If it doesn’t taste fresh, make it a bit hotter. Temperature will vary with different beans, but 200 degrees Fahrenheit is a good rule of thumb. 

If coffee and cacao aren’t your things but you still need a little bump of energy, nootropics might be a good option for you. Capsule full of lions mane and reishi mushrooms provide your brain with the energy needed to improve cognitive function. Arguably the best part is that you can just swallow a pill and go. These supplements have been tested to improve focus and memory. With anything, it’s important to ignore anything that seems too good to be true, as nootropics may offer a discernible improvement, but just like coffee, they won’t change your life. 

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