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Modern Interior Designers to Know

Modern Interior Designers to Know

Today we see interiors with plenty of Scandinavian influence–while beautiful, this trend is overtaking interior design everywhere. Here are a few key designers for a more unique palette to inspire you.

Ashe Leandro

  1. Ashe Leandro is a New York Design firm creating spaces that somehow simultaneously feel tailored and relaxed. These interior designers focus on working with the client to add meaningful pieces rather than curating rooms just for beauty.

Darryl Carter

2. Darryl Carter’s greatest strength is knowing when to stop. He specializes in sophisticated and perfectly imperfect interiors. Darryl believes in preserving a building’s bones and letting your antiques speak for themselves is most important. He would rather leave a space more bare than fill it with unnecessary items. Re-invent the old in fresh new ways.


3. Commune focuses more on corporate spaces, but they also do residential spaces focused around creating meaningful connections. The firm works with creative clients and collaborates with them to create a merging of ideas and values. Interestingly, their practice has expanded into product and graphic design to mirror the aesthetics of their interior work.

DiMore Interior Designers

4. DiMore Studios is a global architecture firm founded in Milan by  Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci in 2003. DiMore focuses on displaying memories and inspiring dreams with displays that have an emotional connection with the customer. Their atmospheres recollect moments past in both distant history and the owner’s life.

“The word ‘Dimore’ in Italian means dwelling but conjures up images of old villas clinging to their aristocratic origins. It lends the name a sense of nostalgia. I think it’s our DNA: we take a historical approach to a project to give it some roots, and then we inject it with more of a contemporary feel.”

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Britt Moran, DiMore Studios

Alessandra Branca

5. Alessandra Branca was born in Rome but raised in Chicago. You see this reflected in her contemporary but classically inspired spaces. She has a love for European art and antique furnishings mixed with bold, modern patterns and colors. Much of her inspiration comes form travels and vintage finds.

Here are some ways to identify ageless design trends and put them into practice.

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