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Where to Source Large Mirrors

Where to Source Large Mirrors

A large mirror can take center stage in a room, if you let it. In the past you might have settled for a plain, rectangular, solid-colored, floor-length mirror–it can be difficult to find anything different if you’re looking in typical home goods stores. Here we present some upgrades and show you how to source your own unique mirrors.

The Ultrafragola Mirror

This new classic is the brainchild of designer Ettore Sottsass Jr. was designed in 1970 but is having a resurgence all over the internet, for good reason. It appears a wavy, white color, but when switched on becomes a beautiful, gradient, neon peach. It can be difficult to find these mirrors, but they are often available on auction websites. We found one here at Tagwerc.

Ultrafragola, $6,656, Tagwerc

Lipstick Mirror

This full-length mirror is perfect for those with an eclectic taste. The images-only art magazine, Toiletpaper, teamed up with an Italian design company to create a home furnishings line. This retro-inspired iconography will add a playful touch to any room. If you prefer a different mirror with the same feel, they produced many other options.

Lipsticks Full Length Mirror, $720,
Mirror Gold Frame Sea Girl,, $330

The Broken Mirror

This Broken Mirror developed by Snarkitecture is perfect for a brutalist or minimalist room. Let it take the center stage, as it is sculpture as well as mirror. These are just as difficult to find as the Ultrafragola, but they often appear on auction websites. We found one here at 1stdibs.

Broken Mirror, $6,411, Snarkitecture
Broken Mirror, $6411, Snarkitecture

The Organic Mirrors Set

This grouping from Neiman Marcus is a just as beautiful cost-friendly alternative to these other selections. Organically shaped, wood covered in a brushed nickel, the small mirror begins at $136. The whole grouping will cost $478. These are a classic selection that can blend in with nearly all changing decor.

Jamie Young, Organic Mirror, $136-220, Neiman Marcus

The Classic Gilded Mirrors

Lastly, a French staple piece needed on every mantle: the gilded mirror. Invest in this heirloom piece that will move with you from home to home, making every room effortlessly stylish. Horchow offers the Jacqueline gilt mirror for $398, and has many other great options.

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All in all, auction websites like 1stdibs and high-end retailers like Neiman Marcus are the best way to go for mirrors. You can often find hidden gems at estate sales for much less expensive than what they’re offered for at these sites. A large mirror is going to be a statement piece in your home that will draw eyes to it–if you want to spend money on one thing, the mirror is a good option.

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