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Consider Relocating to these American Cities

Consider Relocating to these American Cities

With skyrocketing rent prices, student loan debt, and a slow increase in wages, many affluent millennials are making the decision to move out of coastal cities in favor of more spacious, but equally exciting places (here’s how to decorate the smaller space you might be stuck with now). Many dream of Silicon Valley and Manhattan as the epitome of success in America, but in reality, it makes much more sense to spread out and move to these places once you’ve saved up compounded cash. If you’re looking for a change in pace while also increasing your net worth, check out these rising towns that are worth relocating for.

Traverse City

  1. Traverse City, Michigan. A place known for its wine, culture, and beautiful four seasons with plenty of outdoor opportunities. Traverse City also boasts one of the largest collections of Inuit art in America. It’s incredibly safe and the public schools are phenomenal. Many people choose to work from home in waterfront vistas where they can focus on building their business in a relaxing atmosphere. The city has seen a boom in popularity leading to an increase in housing prices, but it is still worth checking out.
Traverse City, Forbes
Traverse City Neighborhood, Forbes


2. Bellevue, Washington. Described as Seattle’s fancier little sister, it has a beautiful downtown area with lots of shopping, mountains, and lush gardens. Bellevue boasts all the positives of a huge city without the crowding. Only a 25-minute drive from Seattle, you have access to large cultural and technology centers but with space to stretch your legs. If you love shopping and hiking, this is a great city.

The Bellevue Skyline
Estates Daily, Bellevue


3. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A well known but often overlooked option. Pittsburgh works as an alternative to Silicon Valley as it offers many state-of-the-art technology companies. Due to its low rent, it’s a great option for recent college grads looking to save for a more luxurious future. It has great museums, botanical gardens, and a thriving food scene.

Brick Underground, Pittsburgh Home

Salt Lake City

4. Salt Lake City, Utah. If you’re looking to start a new business, Salt Lake City is a good place to look. Utah is absolutely beautiful in terms of nature, but it also offers a diverse city center. Utah is growing incredibly fast, but rent is still low enough for it to be feasible to start a small business. The growing culture allows plenty of room for new players.

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Salt Lake City, Utah


5. Lastly, Cambridge, Massachusetts. This town is a comedy mecca and also offers a diverse range of live music. The town is split up into different squares which each feel like their own small city. It offers a range of educational opportunities (of course) as well as magnificent libraries. You get to enjoy the four seasons and some of the most beautiful changing trees in America. The architecture is divine, and the rent can be steep, but it’s a much more affordable option than many large cities.

Christ’s College, Cambridge
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