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Top 3 Art Festivals in the USA

Top 3 Art Festivals in the USA

Art festivals are a great way to find unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. It can be a bit difficult to sort through the kitschy items sometimes, but there are always hidden gems to be discovered. If you’re tired of your local Saturday art fair, consider traveling to these larger and more established gatherings. 

If you want an art festival that focuses on historical techniques backed by science and the humanities, look no further than the Smithsonian Craft Show. It takes place in the National Building Museum. The country’s top craft artists gather here. You won’t find trinkets, and they won’t be cheap. If you attend this you’re looking for beautiful quilts and labored-over garments. 

Smithsonian Magazine, Smithsonian Craft Show

The Park City Kimball Arts Festival is considered the best in the West. It takes place both indoors and out and features live music as well as talks and interactive performances, similar to a SXSW type of event. Artists submit pieces months in advance and are then judged by a team of professionals. It’s a great way to get original work from rising stars without paying an arm and a leg.

Salt Lake Magazine, Park City Kimball Arts Festival

If you’re in the Midwest, the American Craft Exhibition is your best bet for art festivals. It is another top-rated option that is full of more professional artists than hobbyist crafters. This is the best place to find ceramics and fiber arts. Many glass artists attend as well, and you’ll be blown away by the details in all of the pieces. Expect to leave this here with only one or two really great pieces instead of picking up a variety of things.

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