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Creating Statement Lighting

Creating Statement Lighting

Lighting has a profound impact on our mood. Have you ever worked in an office with horrible old fluorescent lights? Aside from making you feel sick, they can completely stump creativity or even put you to sleep. If these have an effect on you in the workplace, imagine how they affect you as you’re trying to relax in your home. You don’t want dim, tiring lights in your office, and you don’t want bright energizing ones in the bedroom. Utilize color to craft a mood, but also consider how the lighting is presented. Are you using a grand chandelier in the dining room to set an elegant, flickering atmosphere? Are you using a fireplace or gas lighting in your library to feel cozy? Here are different ways to make a statement with your lights.

Setting the Mood with Lighting

  1. You don’t need a built-in fireplace for flickering warmth. Pick us a vintage gas fireplace insert to place in your living room. It won’t create smoke, so you don’t need a chimney, but make sure you have airflow as it will produce carbon monoxide. If you haven’t moved into your forever home but want to have something to gather around in the cool months, this is a great option. It will make your space warm, inviting, and sophisticated.
Antique Gas Fireplace Insert, Columbus Architectural Salvage
  1. A chandelier is a must in every room. The French follow this formula for a perfect, understated apartment: herringbone wood floors, white walls with molding, an ornate mantle, a gilded mirror, and a classy chandelier. Even if you only have a single couch in your living room, having these other elements makes the room look pulled together and finished. 
Guggenheim Chandelier, Luxuu, Price upon request
  1. Have a stunning light fixture that gets overlooked? Leave your walls bare and add wallpaper to the ceiling. This will draw eyes up and make your ceiling look higher. Having this focal point can distract from things on the ground that may not be perfect, and it’s a unique conversation starter. 
Map wallpaper,,
  1. Carve out a nook with party-starting lighting. Make a mini entertainment center by creating a vignette that includes fun, color-changing lighting. Having a designated space to gather and lights that can set a mood can get everyone ready to socialize.

5. Buy a sculptural lamp. If you have a floor lamp, it’s going to draw eyes to itself. You can go with something basic or you can create a distinct style by choosing something grand that reflects your personality. If you don’t have a lot of art, picking something sculptural ticks two boxes.

Shadow Floor Lamp, Habitat, 175 GBP
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